The Neighborhood



Neighborhood in Manhattan, lying between Chelsea and Gramercy Park and bounded to the north by 23rd Street, to the east by Park Avenue, to the south by 14th Street, and to the west by 6th Avenue. It comprehends Madison Park, SoFi, and Union Square.


Named for the Flatiron Building on 23rd Street, the area was a flourishing commercial district during the late 19th century and the early 20th century.  It was known especially for an area of elegant hotels, shops, and restaurants along Broadway between 14th and 23rd Streets, later called Ladies Mile (designated a Historic District in 1989).  The neighborhood became a popular place to live in the 1960s, when artists, especially photographers, moved into its inexpensive lofts. 

During the 1980s the Flatiron District acquired a reputation for its fashionable cafes, restaurants and nightclubs, its varied housing, and its thriving business center.  Madison Square Park, a beautifully maintained park with dog run, live performance, public art, and an old-fashioned shake and burger stand, is located in this district between Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue. Madison Avenue actually begins in the Flatiron District at 23rd Street and runs north towards its famous Midtown section.

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